Xibo Client 1.7.3 : [LogAgent] LogAgent - Run Exception in Run: Bad Request


Xibo Client 1.7.3 / Windows 7 Professional

I have a client with a lot of entries in the log file:

412 15-05-08 11:47:55 XIBO-PC Client [LogAgent] LogAgent - Run Exception in Run: Bad Request

What could be the issue ?

Best regards, Hubert

Also this I find more often:

possibly a reason ?

This might be some malformed logging going back to the player (I did think we fixed that - but perhaps not). We’d need to see what was logged for that display in the SubmitLog call to XMDS (display auditing would need to be on).


This should only be called for those particular files when the “VerifyAll” routine is run, this happens manually and when maintenance.php is run with quick=0.

Assuming those log entries correspond with your maintenance task, then there is nothing to worry about.

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Yes, those log entries correspond with my maintenance task.

maintenance.php run with quick=0
Can you explain a little more, please. How to apply and what effects parameters “quick = 0”

My maintenance call is:
wget.exe -O - http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxx/maintenance.php?key=xxxxxxxxxxx >> htdocs\xxxxxx\out.html

The error has not occurred after a restart of the client. Apache “500 - Internal server error” is also gone.

I’ll be watching it more time

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Yes, I am not sure why that isn’t in the documentation. You can pass in quick=1 to skip trimming the logs and validating the modules.

Idea being you can have 2xcron jobs, one that does the things that should be run regularly and one that runs once a day to do the longer running operations.

Thank you! I’ll change that now.

But how to apply (quick=1) together wie key in the following line ?

wget.exe -O - http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxx/maintenance.php?key=xxxxxxxxxxx >> htdocs\xxxxxx\out.html

I had until now 2 maintenance.php Scripts.

  1. maintenance.php
  2. maintenance_without.php

From maintenance_without.php I have parts removed.

You’d use:

wget.exe -O - http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxx/maintenance.php?key=xxxxxxxxxxx&quick=1

wget.exe -O - http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxx/maintenance.php?key=xxxxxxxxxxx&quick=1

does not work


The “quick” command is either misspelled or
could not be found.

Der Befehl “quick” ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder
konnte nicht gefunden werden.

only this works:

wget.exe -O - http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxx/maintenance.php?quick=1

I have the solution:

C:“Program Files”\GnuWin32\bin\wget.exe -O - “http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxx/maintenance.php?key=xxxxxxxx&quick=1” > D:\webserver\htdocs\xxxxxx\xxxxxxx-out.html

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OK great - I am not sure why the first command didn’t work - no doubt something to do with encoding on the & character