Xibo "blackboard"

Hello Xibo-community,

We would like to use xibo as a “blackboard” to present information’s, like internal statics and announcements on a large public display (42"-50").

The file-format of this information’s are pdf’s. Through the incompatibility of xibo with pdf-files, we exported those files as images (jpg, png) and flash (swf).

Our problem is now that the quality of these files are on the xibo screen fuzzy and pixelated. So it’s hardly possible to read the information. When we are opening one of this files directly in “Adobe Reader” the quality is fine.

What wouldbe the best solution to present those files on xibo without the decrease of the quality?

Thank you.

1.8 will support pdfs, so that will probably help (1.8 is currently in alpha, soon will be in beta stage).

Just to clarify are you currently using 1.7.7 CMS/client version?

What quality are those images?
What resolution does your display has?

Nice to hear, that 1.8 will support pdfs

Yes we are using the version 1.7.7 for the CMS and the client software.

The resolution of the pictures are 2016 x 2853 which comes to 244 dpi with a bit depth of 24. The file-size of the images are about 500-600kb. When I upload it to xibo, the filesize shrinks to 100 kb. (Does xibo compress the image-files in the background automatically, or is this a bug?)

At first we tested this setup on a display with a resolution of 1920x1080. On this resolution a pdf opened with Adobe Reader was pixelated too. so we tested it on a Display with a resolution of 3840x2160.

With this display the pdf is now clear and sharp with Adobe Reader, but it it still fuzzy with xibo.

hm then it might be this bug

Will be fixed in 1.7.8, alternatively you can use IE to upload images, that should work ok, at least it was when I tested it last time.

Hello Peter,

I uploaded the pictures with the internet explorer again.
The file size was now right and didn’t shrinked after the upload, but it seems like the bug wasn’t the cause of the bad quality.

The Pictures are still fuzzy and not readable.

Do you have any further ideas what could cause the problem?

Thank you very much for your assistance

In the CMS, did you set a “Resolution” of 3840x2160 and assign it to the Layout? Or maybe make a test image that is 1920x1080 and see if it get fuzzy.

I have found the issue: Windows dpi setting was set to 150%.

Thank you very much for your assistance.