Xibo app stuck on Android box

So I can launch the app and provide the server info, or use the code on cms to add the display but it never shows up in CMS and the app just stays at the screen with the Xibo logo in the bottom right-hand corner, fading in and out. I can’t even check the status page on the player app because the three-dot icon doesn’t show up either. It’s like the app doesn’t fully load after the initial connection. I have checked the timezone settings, tried manually adding the display and using the code, no logs are showing in CMS, so I am really at a loss. I can’t get my company to buy a license for Android until I can prove it works, so I can’t even contact the helpdesk. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Please do open a ticket so we can help you resolve any issues you are experiencing with the Xibo for Android trial. Our help desk team will be on the lookout for your ticket :slight_smile:

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