XIBO API stop working on some parts

I was working for Xibo API for a year, it was working fine. I send list of mediaIds and add to region, get medialist, get layout list without problem.
But now I can still get Layout list but cannot get media list from API. It gives error:
The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.
I checked disable firewall from server, different client exc. nothing helps.
I am able to get media list from CMS on web server, its slow but works.

What CMS version are you using?

Judging from your earlier post it would seem that you use 1.7.3?

As Alex has mentioned in your previous topic, we’d recommend upgrade to 1.7.9.

As for the error, request probably takes too long and server closes the connection, you’d need to look at your webserver / php settings perhaps turn off KeepAlive if it’s on.

Hard to say, perhaps you could find more logs about this issue.

Side note, API in 1.8 series is much more complete and well documented, 1.7 API never really made out of beta stage.

Also check your PHP max execution time and any webserver maximum request times you have configured - as if the request is taking a long time to return, if those are set lower, then you’ll get exactly the response you describe.

Dear Alex and Peter,
Thanks for your quick and clear answers.
Medialist row count was around 5000, I deleted some old medias. Now total is less than 4000 media.
And problem is gone, its working again.:slight_smile:

For the upgrade I am waiting for 1.8 release. And hoping overlay picture on video (on windows client)

Thank you, again.

Best Regards