Xibo api add media rest service call getting error


I am trying to call xibo api for adding media to library /xibo/web/api/library but getting error “Filetype not allowed”

<200 OK,{“files”:[{“name”:“1470415579-4857”,“size”:561612,“type”:“multipart/form-data;boundary=LQRYUC5l2VBwEgwvy1S18yYWs6wQ6odJhxraUnB”,“error”:“Filetype not allowed”}]}

Can you provide your full request please? It looks like the API isn’t getting the full file for some reason

Thanks Dan!!! I was able to resolve it

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Hi, having same problem. How did you resolve??

Are there any resolution on this issue?
Thank you,

If you could provide full API request and the response you’re getting, we should be able to help.

Also, please confirm CMS version that you’re using.