Xibo Android disconnecting

Hi, we’ve deployed xibo android across our offices and we’ve noticed that in the CMS that the devices are not connected, so the users must go to the device and unplug the power for it to reconnect. You may also trigger a reconnect if you go through the ‘connect to cms’ guide again.

Is there a permanent fix for this, so that the android client does not disconnect?

What CMS and players versions are you using please?

Players should connect to the CMS each collection interval (it’s a setting in Display profile assigned to your device in CMS).

If they do not do that, then it might imply connection issues between CMS and players - there should also be some relevant errors in the player status window / CMS logs page.

Hi, i’m using 1.7 android client and 1.7.4 in the CMS.

Also took a quick peek at the log in the CMS and got this error:

Unable to start XMR queue: class java.lang.Exception/XMR address not configured.
XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure.

Are you certain that you’re using 1.7 series then?

Because XMR is implemented in 1.8 series, it did not exist in 1.7 series, therefore this error in 1.7 player/CMS does not make much sense.

In 1.7 series, you should be using 1.7.9 CMS and 1.7R64 Xibo for Android.
It’s possible that there were various issues in earlier versions, I’m also slightly puzzled about this XMR error, as I mentioned it should not exist in the versions you said you have.

Pretty sure, it’s what the client says according to the CMS if i check the version.

But no matter, i’m in the process of upgrading to 1.8 CMS.

I wonder if nothing changes when upgrading. Because i’ve got about 20 units spread out all over my country that needs to connect to the same server again. It would be a real hassle to change the client on all units as well.