Xibo and PowerPoint

Hello. Have a question about Xibo and PowerPoint!

Xibo is installed on my local machine (v 1.7.4) and controls two screens. Use PowerPoint slides. This works quite well as far.

Just disappear after a time all PowerPoint from the library!
The data itself is still in the media but can not be retrieved because they are no longer in the library!

This only affects PowerPoint slides. Images are not automatically deleted!

Does anyone know this problem?
Many thanks for your help



Well that’s odd, obviously shouldn’t happen, but I think it might be outside of the Xibo control.

So basically something is deleting files from the CMS library or player library?
Assuming you have (you really should) separate locations for CMS and player library.

Is it possible that the machine with player is low on storage space?

Side note about power point:

Also just to be sure if you have the Player and Xibo CMS installed on the same machine, they must use different library directories. If you configure them both to use the same library directory then the Player will delete files from that directory at times, and then since that’s the server’s copy too then it won’t be able to send the file any longer.

Hello Paul,

Many thanks for the help.