XibO and iphone 5s

Hello together
I have a iPhone 5s and i will in Layouts in the Details. But when i Click in the Region with my Finger nothing happen. Can everyone say me how i can use the Funktion on the region?

Unfortunately the Layout Designer doesn’t work in Mobile - it isn’t really intended to either. However you should be able to take every action you want on a region using the drop down menu rather than drag/drop (click the region menu and select options)

sorry, but it´s not going. i have to put perhaps a new picture (image) into. But there is no dropdown menü where i can put it in. shit that thios function is not going on iphone or other mobile phones :frowning:


Each region in the layout designer has a small “options” menu you can select to the top right of the region. There is then an “edit timeline” link which opens the region timeline editor as normal (you would normally double click to get there, which won’t work on mobile).

It has always been our opinion that Xibo Layout Design is too complicated to be done on a “mobile application” and needs a dedicated application - we do want to write one, but it hasn’t been a priority yet as the number of people that want to take these sort of actions on a mobile is fairly low.

Hallo Dan,

that it!!! Thank you. the small drop down in the region on the right above!!


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