Xibo add Display


Hello , I’m a French student in an internship and we are trying to use Xibo for our project .
I downloaded it on my ubuntu with the docker .
It’s working and i tried to create some campaign and layouts .
I watched the Preview which was also working.

But i can’t add any display …

here is what i have in “Display”

Please help me .
Thanks a lot !


You do not add a new display on that page itself, you need to install Xibo player (Windows, Android or webOS) on a suitable device, connect it to the CMS (providing CMS address and key) and that will create a new display record on the Displays page in your CMS.


Ok thanks ill try to do it .
Do you have any link explaining how to connect both ?


Android - Installation Guide

Windows - https://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_windows_client.html

It is the same login, install player, connect to the CMS, start the player.

Of course you will need a suitable Android or Windows device to install that player on it and monitor connected to such device to show the content you’ve created and scheduled to it.


Ok it worked, thanks.