Xibo 3.0 on a docker


Can someone please help me to install docker on a VPS (clean, ubuntu 20.04 ) with with all the requested stuff like php, mysql etc please? its a clean VPS without anything installed.

Keep getting stuck -

Please help!

Hello M_Kinili,

yes I can help you if you want. We can do it together on a teamviewer session if you want.

Best regards

Watch these videos:

  1. Xibo docker with vbox in localhost INSTALL XIBO-DOCKER IN VIRTUALBOX | UBUNTU 18.04 LTS | LOCALHOST - YouTube
  2. Xibo docker in cloud server INSTALL XIBO-DOCKER CLOUD + SSL | UBUNTU 18.04 LTS | XIBO 3.2 CODENAME "PERRINE" - YouTube

Good luck

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