Xibo 2 : Skipping scheduled layouts / campaign when adding another one


My goal is to make an service that take all the films in a directory and automatically schedule them to display them 1 by 1 on the players

I was testing to add a schedule of a layout that contains a video widget and it work.

When I schedule 1 video, it displays it, no problem.
When I schedule a 2nd video while the first one is on screen, it works.
But here is the problem.
While the 1st video is on screen, I schedule the 3rd one. When the 1st video ends, it skips the second and go directly to the third video. And when the third video has ended, it goes back to the first, second, and third again and everything’s working.

This is not good because if someone add a movie in the directory while the first movie’s on screen, it will not display the second one until the next round…

Any idea to fix this ?