Xibo 2.1 Beta, Import CSV row data fiil in wrong column and posible solutions

Good day, I was testing Import CSV and I found data row its filling in wrong Column, (see next image)

this is what I did:
create 5 columns “fechainicio” order “1”
“fechafin” order “2”
“nombre” order “3”
“descripcion” order “4”
“otromas” order “5”

data its moving one column to right, so I guess its not taking in count “ID” column, or order column “1” fail if is used, not sure, to keep it simple the order column was from 1 to 5

I found 2 possible solution to this, first one dont use order “1” start with order “2” or above
and its works, now everything is in the right column, but every time you have to import CSV you have to manual change the order in the import dialog because is reseting to order “1” always (see next image)

and if you are lazy like me next posible solution will be your choice:

you have to modify dataset-page.twig in view folder xibo and change var i = 1; to var i = 2; in the upload form block, (see next image):

and thats it, in this way doesnt matter if you start with order “1” or “5” you just have to keep consecutive order, it always place data in the right column, and you dont have to fill them manually in the import dialog every time you import CSV, not sure why but its working for me, may be work for someone else two, its not final solution just sharing whats work for me, may be this can help to xibo guys and girls to fix it, :smiley:

If I did something wrong please dont hesitate to tell me

BTW, Im not a programming guy, in fact I dont know too much about programming, im just a try and error guy :smiley:

best regards