Xibo 2.0 API created


Hello, i have question about API for 2.0 xibo ?

Is it the same or you didn’t yet created it ?


Hello, is this API the same as for 1.8 or ? I am planing to move to 2.0 but i use custom CMS via API for adding content of xibo ?


Existing api calls should be the same in v2, the https://xibo.org.uk/manual/api/#/
actually is for v2 as it has couple of calls exclusive to that version - I do appreciate that at the top it still says 1.8.0 we will get that updated in the next 2.0 release.

There also seem to be some calls missing regarding the widget add api calls, we will sort that out in the next 2.0 release as well.

In any case existing calls, should still work just fine.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: