Xibo 1.8.x Layout Rotation/Schedule

A simplified example: I have a single campaign running three layouts all running at 20 seconds each. I want the content in layout 1 to change on the next run (61 seconds). There doesn’t seem to be a way I can do this inside Layout 1 itself. Is this correct? If so, then is the solution to create a long campaign by adding another layout for each new Layout 1 and then repeat Layout 2 and 3 inside the same campaign? Example: Layout 1A (20), Layout 2 (20), Layout3 (20) -> Layout1B (20), Layout 2 (20), Layout 3 (20) etc. ?

There is not currently a way to achieve what you are trying to do, without manually editing the Layout before it is due to show again, which would be highly impractical considering the short period of time before it is due to be Displayed again.

I would recommend creating a new Layout for the other content you would like to show after Layout 2 and 3, so the order you described at the end of your message (1A, 2, 3, 1B).

Many Thanks.