XIBO 1.8 - Pulling Images from Library via CSV dataset

Hi there,

I am trying to accomplish something and am not seeing the light. I have a CSV file with 3 columns: Name, Date & Image.

My goal is to create a ticker that cycles through employee birthdays based on a dataset that is uploaded via CSV. How should I fill out the “Image” column to pull the correct internal image? So say I have 3 employees: Dana, Rob and Jon. Could I not just upload their images (ie: dana.jpg) and then write the path in the csv file to call the accurate image or?
Little confused about how to approach this.

Thanks in advance

If it would be external image, you could have URL to it in your csv (and then import that to the column with external image type in datasets)

For internal images, if you create a column with internal image then it will have dropdown selector in which you can select images from the CMS library and then the thumbnail will appear there.

As far as actual value in such column it will be the id of the selected image, it should be possible to have mediaId in the .csv and then on import to library image column type that it will display it correctly.

so let’s say you want to show mediaId 10 in the library image column, then in your .csv file in the column you’d simply put 10 and that should work after import.

Thanks for the response!

I am unable to call the image with the correct ID. Is there a certain way I’d need to word it or a certain type that needs to be set in order to accurately pull it by ID?

Also, what if I were to install wampserver on the same computer as xibo - would I then be able to to call the “external” url by localhost/img.jpg and get the same result without having to host the images online and use data?

for internal image ie image that has mediaId in the CMS library, in csv you will only need the id ie the number (and in dataset you will want to have column with library image data type).

If you’d provide fully qualified path to the file that is accessible by CMS then I believe that should work.

Awesome, got it, thank you!

Is there a means of knowing which IDs or even dictating what the ID number will be for each image being uploaded? So say for instance I have 200 images and I want those images to start with the ID number 1000. Then is excel I number each image with an ID from 1000 to 1200? I’m not even sure that is the best way to approach the issue.

I have approximately 200 or so employees that will be on a birthday list. Each has their picture that will need to be displayed alongside the date. Is there an easy way of mass uploading and accurately having their image displayed?

Also, when calling [Image] in the ticker I am only getting the ID number, despite the fact that the ID number calls the correct number when viewed in “View Data”

If you will upload those images in one go then the mediaIds will be it’s database generated.

ie let’s say you last uploaded image has id 10, then if you upload 200 in one go they will have Ids 11, 12 and so on to 210.
Which means yeah you can predict those IDs and of course double check them in CMS library, but they will be database ordered that’s for sure.

You can’t make it start from id x though.

You can select them all in library upload and click start upload button ie
Add media → Add files → (open folder with images select them all) → Start upload

It may take awhile depending on your connection and server capabilities.

In ticker with dataset, on appearance tab you will want to double-click the name of the column from the ‘Available substitutions’ ie:

which will add the (in my case) [images|130]

the 130 is the columnId and will most likely be different for you.

Then if the images are in this column (and thumbnails of them are displayed in the dataset) then they should be displayed in the ticker as well.

E: you can access their width/height etc by adding (for example)
img { width:50%;}

in the CSS below text editor field.

This helps immensely, thank you! While I have you, one more question:

I am importing a CSV with birthday dates. Excel is covering these to “Mar-12” for example. When uploading, I get invalid date when specifying DataType as a date.

I want to set up a means of calling only the birthdays of that month, therefore I feel I would need the “Date” type rather than just displaying the string that the CSV provides. What am I doing wrong here?

It would be probably best to stop Excel from doing that (cells format, excel date format can be changed), then have the dates in 2017-05-17 16:05:00 format in the .csv

In CMS as you say date data type would be best (string should also work).