Xibo 1.8 on Linux Webserver

Installation wizard is not loading on webserver manual instalation

Could you please tell us more about your server environment and what did you do so far regarding installing Xibo please?

If you’re not using docker, then please have a look at the environment requirements and installation notes here - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/manual_install.html

I am getting “ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR” when try to install. Also getting “Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. Failed to create cache path” upon copying installed directory under windows to linux webserver using cpanel.

My server specification
Apache Version 2.2.31
PHP Version 5.6.27
MySQL Version 5.6.32-78.1
Architecture x86_64
Operating System linux
Perl Version 5.10.1
Kernel Version 3.12.70-199.ELK6.x86_64

Any Solution for the same i also face the issue