Xibo 1.8.8 Remote Dataset

thanks for the update. But I have a problem.
There was a xibo remote dataset table running on version 1.8.7. after updating dataset Truncate DataSet options daily I saw that you did not write over old data again when I selected it.
I created the new one by deleting the old one. but this time I did not get any remote data. I did the same experiment 4-5 times.
Everything seems normal when I press the TEST DATA SET button. The information appears, but somehow it does not register in the table by taking the data. I also tried different web addresses and the result failed. I also select Depends on DataSet as the table name, but the result is the same. please help me with this. here it is screenshots.

I’ve replied to your support ticket with us.

Thank you it is working. Data is received after a day.