Xibo 1.8.2 installation in docker


I am new to Xibo docker installation,I have been using xibo webserver for the past 3-4 years.but xibo in docker i am just trying.

I made a docker environment in my lap top .also i downloaded xibo in dower and put it c:/user

what is next

pls help me.docker image.pdf (423.8 KB)

Hi any body can tell me step by step process

The manual has the step by step process:


Assuming you installed Docker Toolbox - which it looks like you did.


Can u just tell me how " configuration file is needed to tell Docker how the environment is configured"
in detail, Me new to docker

Reading the instructions and copying and editing a configuration file has nothing to do with Docker!

If you look at the instructions, they tell you to download the Xibo Docker release files and extract them.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see you have a config.env-template file. Copy that to config.env (as the instructions say to), and edit the copy to your requirements.

If you look in the file, there are extensive comments that explain what you need to do. At a minimum, you need to set the MYSQL_PASSWORD setting. A link is provided to a random generator that will do what you need. Use that. Don’t invent a password.

If you’re already running a webserver on your computer (as I suspect you may be), then you’ll need to follow the additional steps for running on custom ports since port 80 will already be taken by your XAMPP installation.