Xibo 1.8.2 csv to dataset API import

Using Xibo 1.8.2 on Windows 10 with docker (new install)
Trying to import CSV’s into a dataset via the API using postman
It seems to read the file (header + records) and then puts in that many rows but they are all blank.
IE if the file has the header and 10 records, the dataset will have 11 rows all blank.

Suggestions? I had this working on perl in 1.7 but even with a clean 1.8.2 install it doesn’t seem to be working right for me.

Could you show me a screenshot of this call in postman please?

I first tried it with just files and dataSetID as indicated in the API document

Then I copied over the variables I did in 1.7 while testing
ignoreFirstRow appears to do nothing
overwrite seems to do what it supposed to be doing.
spreadSheetMapping & fileId did nothing

I’m new to postman so I could just be mucking it up somewhere.

The problem is with the documentation at the moment, it’s definitely not clear, we will try to update it in the next release.

Anyway, you will want something like that:

where the numbers after csvImport_
are your dataSetColumnId in your dataSet, they are not visible in the web ui, so you will want to call GET dataSet column first ie

where the ‘94’ is your dataSetId, that call will give you column ids you need to make the import.

The values for csvImport_{dataSetColumnId} ie the 1, 2, 3 and so on are indexes of your columns in the .csv file.

Hope that helps, if you’d have questions, let me know.

That was it. It’s working now.