Xibo 1.8.12 and Dataset


Hello everybody, I am trying my luck on the dataset. Is actually very good. my question: I have created 3 different columns and in the text box before a text with: Birthdays of our members. But this text always comes after every dataset. Can not be set so that this text appears only once at the beginning?

it comes as a ticker always like this:
Birthdays of our members Vormanme Surname … Birthdays of our members First name Last name … Birthdays of our members … and the birthdays of our members should appear only at the beginning of the ticker and then only name and surname


On your layout, you need to put 2 seperate regions, one with a text widget with the ‘Birthdays of our members’ or whatever you like at the beginning of your ticker and then add a 2nd region right next to it with your current ticker widget (minus the birthdays of our members message) that contains purely your ticker information. Ive done something similar to test recreating scrolling news tickers with a company logo at the front that doesnt move.
Hope this is clear for you…

That gives me this with just the text scrolling (I added a bullet point in front of every ticker item to show separation between each item) and the image doesnt move :

Kind Regards


ok thanks for your info. I will try it and give feedback


Hi Jimbo,
do you think so
So I created one region on the left and another on the right and then on each other. is that right?


That looks more like what you need to me - the ‘stationary’ text on the left hand side region as a plain text widget saying Geburtstage unserer Mitglieder and the ticker widget in the other seperate region with only the [Vormname|7][Nachname|8][Geburtsdatum|9] in the ticker setup on the right hand side region and also add whichever effect to that you like of course…



Sorry i don‘t understand what you mean. Is this not correctly what i posted here?


Yes it looks correct - Im just trying to explain it some more but it looks like Ive only succeeded in confusing you. Is it working for you?