Xibo 1.8.1 install (with Docker) on Ubuntu/Lubuntu 17.04

When will the tutorials be updated to help with Ubuntu/Lubuntu installs newer than 16.04 LTS. It seems that Docker is not compatible with Ubuntu versions newer than 16.04 (more specifically 17.04)

I concur that the tutorials for Xibo 1.8.x are somewhat “convoluted” and have you jump from page to page and lose context, so Alex’s posting on 1.8.1 install was helpful, but fails to mention that a lot of the install must be done as root, so a lot of googling and backtracking was needed.

If there is a method for using Xibo on a more up-to-date Ubuntu then I would welcome it.

Is not officially supported by docker (we do not have any influence on that), there are some fairly easy workarounds for it though, but since it’s not officially supported we can’t exactly use it in our guides.

That was an issue for some users, recently we’ve changed the documentation structure regarding installation and upgrading CMS on various systems.