Xibo 1.8.1 / 1.8.2 Media menu -> Download -> WMV file

It is not possible to download a WMV file.

This website is not available

The Web page at http://www.xxxxxxxxx.com/xxxxxxxx/library/download/46?attachment=45.wmv may be temporarily unavailable or permanently moved to a new web address.

Other files (jpg, mp4) no problems

I’m not sure why .wmv files could be any different in this matter.

I assume that the name of the file in library 45.wmv (File Name) and the mediaId 46 is correct for your file?

If you’d upload a new .wmv file and then try to download it, is it the same issue?

I just tried - the same problem

Could you enable CMS debugging -> recreate the issue -> collect the logs -> send them to me via private message

ie go through Report Fault Wizard please.

I have the details you’ve posted, I had to remove your two posts, as troubleshoot may contain sensitive information about your CMS/environment

And you probably don’t want to give access to your CMS to everyone here.

Thank you. But is only a test system.

before: 128M

now: memory_limit = 512M and it works.

ok I’m glad that we’ve found the problem then.