Xibo 1.8.0 - Settings -> Export database

Has someone already tried this ? Will never finish and I have a database.tar.gz with 0 bytes. There is no error message.

My setup does the same thing but I don’t have mysqldump in the environment path which I’m pretty sure is the problem. Is mysqldump in your path?

mysqldump is located at C:\Windows

The “path” command shows the following:


Are you running in Docker?

Custom Installation : Windows Server 2008

Got it. I’ll probably bow out at this point as my experience is all *nix based.

Maybe a visual tool will get you somewhere? Oracle offers a utility called MySQL Workbench that may help.

If you’re piping the output to a file, there could be a syntax or authentication error that is being masked. In this case you should run mysqldump by itself to see the output on the screen. Errors will also be displayed.

If none of that works, please post the command you’re using so we can see where you might be going wrong.