Xibo 1.8.0 is here!

Originally published at: http://springsignage.com/2017/03/xibo-1-8-0-is-here/

We are pleased to announce that we’ve released the 1.8.0 stable release of Xibo to the community. This release has taken us 18 months to develop, test and bring to you all and contains a whole host of new features. You can find out more on the Xibo Project Announcement. We didn’t want our Cloud and…

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That is awesome news! Cant wait to test it out.

But how can I upgrade my current Xibo setup to this?


The release notes have a section on upgrading: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/release_notes_1.8.0.html#upgrading which point you to the upgrade guide: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/upgrade.html. You’ll need to switch to Docker, which should be a simple 3 or 4 step process :slight_smile: