Xibo 1.7 Dashboard toggle button + Resize Handles Region

I use Xibo with Firefox 31.2.0.
I can’t display dashboard toggle button next to the user icon.
Moreover, the Resize Handles Region do not display.

Thanks for your help !


Firefox 31 is pretty old.

Can you confirm it’s still not working with the latest version? They’re currently at v36.

I get the handles correctly on v36 but I’m not sure what you mean by the Dashboard toggle button. Perhaps provide a screenshot?

Also please ensure you’ve cleared your browser’s cache.

It is not working also with Chrome V41.

The dashboard toggle button is the “menu button” next the user icon [three lines in a square].

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Xibo doesn’t have a hamburger?!

Do you mean in the Community site?



I have 3 browsers : IE8, firefox 31 and chrome 41. The last one is the only one with auto update on my professional PC (the two others are managed by a central administrator);

When I open Xibo 1.7.2 in IE8, there is a “hamburger” next the user icon which toggles the side menu.
This “hamburger” is not available in Firefox nor Chrome.

and there is no handles to resize the regions in none of the browsers.

IE8 isn’t supported. You need to use IE10 at minimum but ideally IE11. The hamburger is there for mobile devices only.

You click and drag the bottom right corner of the region to resize a region. The cursor will change as you move over the correct spot

Hello Alex,

The click and drag the bottom right corner of the region is not available and the Handles Resize Regions either.

When I want to add a new region. It seems to disappear under the main screen of the layout. From time to time, when I change the resolution, the new region is visible for a few seconds but not accessible.

After using the region menu, if the position or the size of the region is not appropriate, the future modification of the layout becomes impractical or becomes a hard work to do. Is there a way de reinit the size of the regions ?

The little icon in the bottom right IS the resize handle. This screenshot is taken in Firefox 36. It looks identical in Chrome 41.

You need to use a new version of Firefox, Chrome or IE11 for Xibo to work properly. It won’t work with IE8. Please ensure you clear your browser cache and disable any browser plugins/addons.

Sorry, but no handle in the corner, et no way to move the region with the mouse.

I tried the cloud version of the product (Spring Signage) and all work fine, whatever the browser is.

So I suppose the bug comes from my server even if the 1.6.4 runs well on it.

Thank you.

Spring Signage Cloud accounts use exactly the same codebase as the version you would download (with a theme applied) so it could be something in your CMS.

You’re certain that you’re accessing your CMS via a fully qualified domain name? ie http://server.domain.com/xibo? Some browsers, most notibly Internet Explorer handle web pages accessed locally (eg http://server/xibo or http://localhost/xibo or differently which can break things.