Xibo 1.7.9 - windows client RSS feed does not show all items

Xibo server 1.7.9 - php 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.20
Xibo client 1.7.9 - Windows 10

I have a ~125 item (users at my department) RSS feed.
If I set the duration/item - approximately 2/3rds of the feed items will display and then the layout will switch to next. This occurs regardless of the duration/item (e.g. I tried 1 sec - 5 sec).

When I deselect the duration/item and set duration to high value (e.g. 900) more items are displayed however there is about 4 items at end of feed that are not displayed regardless. It seems to only display 120 items max.

When reviewing the display log I do not see any errors. I see the correct number of ticker_ items in log and client directory.

Any ideas?


So I think you will want to specify the:
Number of Items (or leave it blank it should pick all of them)
Items per page (assuming you have effect selected, you can adjust it so it looks nice in your region)
Probably lower duration with duration per item enabled.

In theory it should show all items from your feed, each page/item for the specified duration.

I think it was an issue in earlier versions, caused by the transition speed effect between items/pages, but that was solved (or at least we think it was).
From what you’re saying it seems it’s not quite right - @dan any ideas?

For now I changed the feed to four separate smaller feeds. I will review if this fixed the issue and report back.