Xibo 1.7.9 Overview of all slides

Hey everyone,

I have a lot of different content in a region and I would like to make a overview of all the different “slides”. Is there a possibility to make such overview? The entire “slideshow” takes about 15 minutes (including various mp4) and for now, I was making screenshots of the preview-show to get the different slides, but that takes a lot of time (you have to wait at least 15 minutes for all slides, creating a screenshot every 15-20 seconds).

I’m not certain if I know what you want to achieve, but created layout can be:

a) Viewed in the layout designer - you can press ‘arrows’ there to cycle through other items in the same region, perhaps that would be helpful?

b) Previewed in the new window - browser preview that will show your layout for it’s whole duration

c) Scheduled to the display player

You can also see image thumbnails if you open region timeline.

Those arrows in the layout designer should do the trick. This makes it a lot easier to view all items in a region, to make sure the content is still up-to-date. Thanks!