Xibo 1.7.9 not showing anything after migration

Ok i have a strange problem

I migrated my xibo 1.7.9 install to a other server

Uploaded all the files made a new DB with the SQL file i got from the old one.

I can log in with the old credentials and the cms is showing, but thats it. it ends there.

For example when i click on “layouts” nothing is showing when i click “media” nothing is showing.

When i click “add layout” i get a window displaying “Application Message” and a close button and thats it.

Any ideas anybody ???

Ragards Willem

Did the location of the library change? If so, did you correct that in the Settings page?

It needs to be the fully qualified path to the server library data, which you will have needed to transfer as part of the process.

Ok got it working.

Did a clean install
uploaded the library to new server.
Imported old db over new one.

and voilla it works.

Dont exaxtly know how but it works

tnxs alex for your input !!

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