Xibo 1.7.8 Ticker Editor

Hello, I have a new problem. I want to display the actualities of a channel. But I have 3 problems wit the Ticker editor.
First I want to update all the 5 minutes because it’s an information’s channel but it doesn’t do it.
Secondly I want to have more than one information but it displays one information, and sometimes it displays 2. I’m using this page if you want to see: “http://www.bfmtv.com/rss/info/flux-rss/flux-toutes-les-actualites/” .
Finally I have to know why some caracters are always encode on Xibo and on the Xibo Client.

You need to set the cache interval to be 5 minutes on your Ticker.

You need to specify a transition type if you want it to show more than one item.

The html entities you mention are in your source feed - so that’s what Xibo shows. For example:

En 2015, 185 défenseurs de l'environnement ont été tués

That’s exactly the contents of your feed.

I’ve created a layout which you can import which shows all the items in the feed one after another:

In the case “Update intervals (mins)”, I already did.
How can I made and change a trasition, I thought the transitions were only for Ubuntu and Android Display.
And what should I do to use your file ?

To import a layout, You import it on the Layout page of the CMS using the Import button.

You choose the effect on the General tab under Effect. Ticker effects work on all Players. You’re referring to media transition effects which are only available on Android.

When I tried, it says : “To add a Layout either a Template or Resolution must be provided”.

And for the effect, I already choose 'Marquee Left".
Sorry for asking too many questions, but I’m really new in Xibo and I’m not a pro :confused: .

You’re clicking on Add Layout.

You need to click on Import. Upload the file (and allow it time to upload completely), and then give it a name, and then click Import.

Marquee Left will cause it to scroll a single line of content across the screen. You need to choose a template to go with that such as “Title Only” so that the content is all on a single line. If you select a multi-line template then it won’t work as you expect.

For the importation, that’s what I did.

And, I’m using “Prominent title with description and name separator” but I override the template to have the title and the description of the web page.

I don’t know then. When I upload the same file it works fine, so perhaps the file didn’t download correctly for you?

It’s not really important. You just need to configure the Ticker so that you have sensible settings and it will work as you expect. So for example:

Thank you, it works. But for the text, like I said I have some caracters who doesn’t appear. I know it’s the feed who’s written this way, so I suppose that I can not do anything except change the feed can I ?