Xibo 1.7.8 Status of the layout


I haven’t any problem but I have a question. On my layout I have a “!” in the column Status and I want to know why because the layout operate like I have programmed it.


the (!) status means that your player didn’t connect to your CMS since you made some changes to layouts/schedule.

As long as it does not persist for too long, it’s perfectly normal, if your display will not be able to reach CMS for an extended period of time, then that could imply some connection issues.

The client does all the changes I do, but the status stays “!”. So there is a connexion isn’t it ?

But if I changes one little thing like the position of the region it doesn’t take the chagement. whereas it’s going to do it if I change the position and the text for example.
What can I do to fix this ?