Xibo 1.7.6 Possible Regression - Text Module - Clock Subs - Android Client

RE; https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/537

I performed an in-place upgrade from 1.7.5 to 1.7.6 successfully using the standard documented method. However, I am noticing that everywhere we are using Clock substitutions in our Layouts, our android clients are back to displaying “Chinese” or some kind of Asian font instead of US English. When I preview the Layout in Linux or Windows, I see the asian fonts first, then it changes to US English in a second or two. Thoughts?

Could you please try to click “verify all” on modules page.
Then give your android client a moment to download required files (you can close and reopen Xibo to force it)

It seems to be working fine on our devices here in the office.

Peter - Modules - Verify All came back “Verified”. Will report back what this does, if anything, on the androids. Thanks, Kevin


Unfortunately, the verify modules did not correct the issue.


Well, the good news is we’ve not changed it back in terms of the code we use: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/blob/master/modules/clock.module.php#L459 & https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/blob/master/modules/text.module.php#L516

@Peter - perhaps you could look at the original issue and re-run our unit tests for that?

What I can definitely confirm is that:
When you use custom date/time tags in text module, for example:

    [Clock|dddd Do MMMM YYYY]

    [Clock|dddd], [Clock|MMMM] [Clock|Do], [Clock|YYYY]

    [Clock|h A]

First time it appears on the screen (and after reload) it will show Chinese characters for about 1-2s then switch back to English (or other specified language). Same thing goes for designer page and preview.
Language on the device does not seem to affect that, language in the CMS obviously does (change from Chinese -> specified language)

So if you’d use Clock module with the same tags, ie


[dddd Do MMMM YYYY]

[dddd], [MMMM] [Do], [YYYY]

[h A]

The layout designer, preview and client will display it in English(or other specified language) from the start (and after reloads)

So I’d suggest the clock module in this case, seems to be more reliable.


Agreed. Something about the in place upgrade to 1.7.6 broke the previous fix we had in place for Text Modules that call Clock. FWIW - the Clock module itself is absolutely fine. No issues with that at all, no foreign characters at all. For now, we’re going to just not use Text - Clock calls.


This has been reported again here: Day of week displays as Chinese Char for a few seconds


I think its because the local is set in the wrong order - i.e. it should be first not last. I’ve created a :bug: here