Wrong with Schedule

I have a problem when I try to schedule a Layout.
I click on add event
then I select event type: Campaign/layout
Display: "My Display"
Dayparting: Custom
Start Time: 2017-03-31 7:00
End Time: 2017-03-31 9:00
Layout/Campaign: "My Layout"
Display order: "Blank"
Priority: “Blank”

And underneath Repeats
I select Repeats: Daily
Repeat every: 1
Until: “Blank”

and then I click on “Save” and after I click on save the time I set is changed.
When in schedule I click on “Day” so I can see what time I put it in and then I see it is scheduled from 20:00 till 22:00. So my question is: How is this possible?

Close this topic, because I mentioned that I set my timezone in the wrong one.

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