Wrong translation when scheduling


In the “Add Schedule” screen in the “Type” dropdown there is a “Campaign” field which I believe should be “Players Group”, since the term Campaign is no longer used in the Xibo menu.

In the scheduling instructions, reference to this dropdown is still made as a Campaign.

The ‘Event Type’ should contain Campaign, as per the manual page, so that is correct. We do not have a schedule event type for Display Group.


What I meant is that in one area of the website (Menu) you use the term “Layout Group” and in the (Scheduling screen) you use the term “Campaign”.

This confuses users.

  • Remembering that I am using the PT-BR language

Ah I see now, I was looking for ‘Players Group’. There does seem to be a mixture of the use ‘Campanha’ and ‘Grupo de Layout’ which have been previously contributed by users.

Please do feel free to adjust those so that they are the same throughout:

Anyone can sign up for a Launchpad account to make adjustments / contributions, the above link is for 2.3 translations which will be pulled through to the next release.

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