Wrong time on Xibo display , why?


I’ve here a Xibo display which show ever the wrong time. On the CMS server the time was right.
How can I correct the time on the Xibo-diaplay ?
We use Minix-Neo U9-H android boxes for the Xibo-display. Should I go into the Android Minix-settings ?

I hope everyone can help me.



Thank you for your message. Where on the Xibo Player are you seeing the wrong time? If you are seeing the incorrect time, I would recommend checking the Android system settings to make sure the time and date have been set correctly. Once you have set the time, I would recommend restarting the Player to ensure the change of time is received.

Many Thanks.


i see the wrong time on the clock on the display-layout.


If you open the Status page for the Player, is the time correct? To access the Status page, click on the screen while the Xibo Player is running and choose Status from the Action Bar. the date entry will be one of the first lines on the page.

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OK, you means the Minix-Station-Settings ? Here I set the clock at “use network-provided time”.


I have not used a Minix device so I cannot say which setting is the one you should use, what is most important is to make sure that the time in the system settings, whether that is accessed in Minix-station-Settings or the actual System settings for Android, is set correctly, as well as time zone.

Can you confirm if this is the case and also confirm if the Status page is showing the correct time?

Many Thanks.


Hi, thanks i found the point to set the right time in the Minix-Station, but the gerneral problem was that the time can’t get over the network from the CMS.
I think we can life this position. :slight_smile:


If Minix-Station has Android install some app like ClockSync.