Wrong media tags behavior on dynamic playlists between user accounts

CMS V.2.3.5

Prod. Server : Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS x64
Method : Apache Server with PHP / MYSQL

Issue :

We use CMS for multiple independant customers accounts.
So, we recently observed a strange behavior with the tag filter on subplaylists.

2 of our clients have decided to use the dynamic playlist and called it via subplaylist widget on layouts.
Each have used tag filters to automatically position their media in their playlists.

However, the 2 customers have each decided to use the ‘auto’ tag. They both called us and told us that they had media that they had not programmed into their playlists and that were not part of their respective media libraries.
After investigation and observation, we were able to notice that the media of the 2 clients mixed up in their respective playlists. However, each of these 2 clients have a different account and are not part of the same group, de facto do not share their respective libraries.

To resolve this issue immediately, we advised customers to use their own tag, not a generic tag. However, imagine several dozen different customers using the same tag … it would quickly become unmanageable.

We hope this feedback will be useful to you for a fix to avoid tag porosity between user accounts.

Thank you for your post.

I have created an issue to raise this with our development team who will investigate this further:


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