Wordpress feed not shown


I’m stuck with a problem.
I try to show a Wordpress feed located on the same server as my xibo server within my layout but nothing will be shown. When I try it with a feed from a different website/server it shows the feed correct.

The Wordpress feed url is https://fysiotherapeutenvoorpurmerend.nl/category/xibo/feed/ (this is what I use)

My xibo install is on https://fysiotherapeutenvoorpurmerend.nl/xibo.

Any idea why a feed from a different website is shown without any problems but a local feed is giving problems.

Xibo server version 1.7.8

I’ve tried your feed on 1.8.2 and 1.7.9 CMS Instances in both cases it seems to work fine, it is also valid feed so I expected that it will be correctly displayed.

You could try updating the CMS to at least 1.7.9 and confirm that the issue persists there.

You can also go through Report Fault Wizard and see what will be logged on Logs page.


it looks like I’m facing problems when the feed is on the same server as the Xibo instance. When I use a feed from a different server everything works fine.

Peter I’ve updated to 1.7.9 and still facing this problems. I’m using the Android player but I’am testing it in the layout preview. Can it be the problem that I have the feed and the Xibo CMS on the same server?

Assuming that the server is able to load the feed at that URL, then it shouldn’t matter what server the feed is located on.

What is shown in the report fault log as Peter asked please?


I think this is the part where the feed is requested :

19 17-11-06 06:09:08 CMS module SetMediaInformation Existing Assigned Media XML is: \n <?xml version="1.0"?>






That isn’t the correct section I’m afraid. That’s where you’re editing the

You need to run the report fault wizard please and provide the logs. I’d
suggest you don’t post them publicly as they may contain sensitive