Windows Taskbar

Hi guys,
when i started to use Xibo,
i was hoping that this is disabled by default but it unfortunately looks like it is showing itself on my screens.
Any ideas of how to disable or hide this with out losing the taskbar?

Don’t we have built in,
when Xibo player starts, Taskbar and Windows button are disabled but when Xibo is closed, they are restored.
This is very standard procedure is suppose.

Xibo Windows client is by default always on top, which was what majority of Xibo community wanted.

You can however, press ‘i’ to show status window, with that open you can access everything (alt+tab, windows key etc will work as well).

Alternatively, you can specify the resolution/offset in display profile assigned to your player.

Hi Peter,
i have got a player with screen resolution 3840x2160 where the windows taskbar is shown.
Are you saying that i need to create a custom windows profile for this and set offset to zero?

Yes (as per your other topic), you will need new windows display profile with specified resolution.

If two displays are connected to one PC and set as extended background, then as far as Windows (and Xibo) are concerned you have one big monitor, so everything should work just as it does with actual single screen.

Sounds extremely great :smiley:
Many thanks!