Windows Player - WPF Technology Preview


We're very excited to be releasing today a "Technology Preview" of our forthcoming Player update for Windows. This will be a rewrite of the existing Player, updated to use newer technology.

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I just tested it on my dev machine:

Windows 10 1803

Our deployed Players are either running Win 10 1709 (with an update to 1803 planned) or 1803, so I guess the test case is good enough for us.

There was only one thing I noticed: The Background video took a second to load. Everything else ran smooth, both on the integrated Intel graphics as well as on the nvidia chip in my machine.

Thank you for you work!


Thanks for testing!

Would you say that the background video took longer than the current player to load, or is it about the same?


Have left the preview running on my preview machine (non customer facing used to test layout designs etc) since release and it’s run very well.
I’m noticing a slight glitch on the fish tank layout where by transparent area of the clownfish flashes black for a split second every time the background video hits the loop point. Other than that everything else is very smooth and seamless.

The machine is purposely a “worst case” scenario:
Windows 7 Pro Sp1 (64bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz
Matrox M9120 Plus graphics card

Will leave the default content running over the weekend and assuming all is still stable when I’m back in next week I’ll try it with custom content.

Look forward to using the new player in the future.


Hi guys, the WPF version is great, using it all the time, I modified it heavily with VLC player (so it can suport RTMP and all other VLC stuff and of course the VIDEO IN feature, so you can show the hardware input of the computer) and PDF viewer which is not through browser, you need to continue to develop it and to replace the FORMS version.

BTW for all my players using Intel NUC with i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 64GB SSD, each computer run 2 Xibo WPF 1080p players or one 4K.



Just tried this on a MacMini 2011 running Windows 1809 under Bootcamp. App opens and asks for layout, when I select Run Schedule a white screen appears for a moment and then closes.