Windows Player won't play video embedded in webpage

Player version: 3.301.1
OS: Windows 10 Education
Setup: CMS runs off same computer as the player, I’m using XAMPP package as the web server.

Hey guys,

I’m not new to Xibo, I’ve been using it for 10 years or so and it has worked really well for our usage. This issue has me a bit stumped. For simplicity sake, I point our different digital signage players to our website for content. We have 4 different setups.

Now here’s the weird part. I’m running an old version of Xibo CMS and player on all of my digital signage devices. It can display the webpage properly and play the embedded video without an issue. It’s only the newer versions of the CMS/Player that won’t play the video. They will show the background and the text/image content (green banner with our logo), but they will not play the embedded video. It’s a MP4 embedded with [video] [/video] tags. Here’s the webpage

Any thoughts on what I should try to troubleshoot the issue? This works fine with Player version 1.7.19.

Edit: So one thing I’ve discovered, the video does not play in Edge! It works fine in Firefox & even IE 11. So I’m thinking this could be an Edge/codec issue potentially.

Edit #2: Well that wasn’t it. Edge blocks autoplay video by default, you can turn that off and it works fine in Edge now, but it’s still not working in Xibo. I was getting a black box where the video is supposed to play in Edge, however when viewing the webpage through Xibo, the video never shows up.

My workaround, I know for a fact Player Version 1.7.9 works, so I installed that with the latest CMS and that works just fine. I wasn’t aware an older player version (at least something as old as 1.7.9) would work with the newest CMS, so that’s nice to see. It must have something to do with IE11 versus Chromium and how the player interacts? If someone more knowledgeable wants to chime in, that could be useful for someone else!

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