Windows Player Installation - Requirements

Hi All,

When it comes to installing the Windows Player App on a windows device what are the minimum system requirements? Which CPU / RAM / GPU / Storage are needed

Would any Windows Mini PC or Stick work?
Could I use it on a Laptop for testing purposes only?

Thanks Paul

General requirements are here

Regarding specification (CPU, GPU, RAM) it will depend on what kind of content will you want to show on them, as some of types of content will be more demanding.

I believe Xibo community members were successfully using intel sticks etc, I’d suggest performing some tests with the desired content on one such device before committing to a larger purchase.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response, I’ve seen the link you provided and although there is information, it doesn’t actually make reference to the specific hardware.

I foresee that we’ll wish to show multiple videos and webpages, in your opinion would this suffice…

I know this is a Windows Home version but woudl the hardware suffice the need to play video files at 1080p @30fps as well as other webpages?

Thanks for your help.

I’d say it should be fine, however would be best to test that on a single device first.

The recommendation for Windows Pro is there only to give more control over windows updates, as long as that’s fine with you then the home version is suitable.