Windows player doesnt span 1x2 monitors


Can somebody explain in simplistic terms how the layout resolutions work. Im battling to get the player to show an image or a video to span over 2 minitors in a 1x2 format 1920x2.

The player only fills the first monitor but mot the rest. Windows is configured to extend the momitors etc.


So if windows is set to extended displays.

The player resolution in display profile to 0 and 0 (default) - it should detect screen resolution, if not, you can set it in display profile -> location tab:
Width 3840
Height 1080

Resolutions, you can create a new resolution
Width 3840
Height 1080

Create new layout using that resolution, then design your layout and schedule it to youe display, that’s all there is to it.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve tried doing that but I suspect I’m doing something wrong. The designer indicates the pixel width is far greater than 1920 so the player should display an image over the entire 1st screen and parts of the 2nd. But it doesn’t.

As Peter says, you need to adjust the Display Settings Profile for that Player to force the Player to use the entire screen.

Please see his post which explains that.

Once you’ve set that up, you’ll need to start the Player, let it register with the CMS, and then restart it for the resize to happen.