Windows player crashing

Hi all, looking for some help again

Windows player keeps crashing. All I have is a layout with 2 embedded html widgets and an RSS ticker. After a few minutes, the player will crash with these errors.

It looks like it wants to change the layout?

Has anyone come across this before?

EDIT: Some times if I leave it running with the error, the layout will return within a few minutes…

By “crash” what do you mean? The screenshot just shows the player isn’t able to download some resources and so has gone to the splash screen - which is the intended behaviour, and not a crash!

Without some idea of what’s happening CMS side it’s very hard to say but perhaps the CMS is having trouble fetching or parsing the RSS feed?

It will either show that error message or say this program will have to close because of an unexpected error.

I can have two clients up, playing the same layout and both will fail at the same time (giving the error or crashing)

I tried just having the layout with just a clock in the bottom right corner but still having the same issue.

OK so the distinction is really important. If you say crash I’m expecting it to close because of an unexpected error. We’d need to know what that unexpected error is (ie the full text of the error) but generally assuming this is 1.7.3 Player then it’s graphics drivers or missing patches to the .net framework.

If it just goes to the default layout that suggests that there is some issue with connectivity between the Player and the CMS or the CMS and the Internet, but you’d need the logs from the CMS to be able to determine which.