Windows player crashes on changes

I have created a couple layouts and campaigns. When I either force it to change campaign or layout OR if the schedule changes it, the players will crash on all windows machines.

It will show me the splash screen, and then start to flash the content, back to splash screen and then flash more content, Then it will go to Xibo Open Source Digital Signage has stopped working. It then gives me an option to close it. If I do not close it right away I will have several processes in the Task manager.

These are all windows 7 machines. They all have 1.7.2 installed. This is a fresh web install as well.
I have looked and the files are all downloading. I have deleted the files and they will down load again.

Any suggestions anyone has would be great.

Thank you in advance

First things to check are:

  • Ensure .net Framework 3.5SP1 and all updates to that are installed from Windows Update (including optional updates)
  • Ensure graphics drivers are the latest available (especially Intel graphics cards)
  • Ensure you’re not using the experimental CEF integration (in the Client Settings or on your CMS Display Profile)

I turned off the CEF and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you very much. Now I will continue to play with the software and hopefully I am able to do what I want to and utilize this at our NFP RC Race Track.