Windows Display can not connect to CMS 2.2.2

Need help. I am connecting to CMS 2.2.2. My display (XIBO for Windows) was successfully authorsed by our Admin but it won’t listed in the CMS. I have tried various versions V2R258, V2R300.2, V2R257.2, V2R203, V2R256.7, V2R255.3, V1R1.8.14, V2R254.1, V2R253.6, V2R252.6, V2R202, V2R201, V2R200. All failed. Some have display temporary message like “CMS Credentials Added” but nothing listed in CMS.

Is there any recommended compatible client display version for CMS 2.2.2? Our IT have tried to install latest CMS but failed until they managed to successfully install CMS 2.2.2 only. Or do we need our IT must install to CMS latest version by upgrading from CMS 2.2.2 say by increasing version bit by bit? We appreciate any help.

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