Windows client not updating

Xibo Server 1.82 running on Ubuntu server 16.04

Xibo Client 1.8.2 running on Windows 10 Pro

Added a new campaign and scheduled for Always, Windows client is still showing cached data.

Running at CMS time or not, seems to make no difference.

Thanks for any pointers.


Screenshot of status window on the player might help to tell what’s wrong.

If you have some really long durations on layout that’s currently running, then that will delay any changes as well.
If there is some event also scheduled with always (or at least at the same time when you were looking at it) but with higher priority then it might explain it.

Where do I find that status screen? All I can find is the Xibo Player options.

Just have the one event going - a campaign consisting of a 30 second video, then a 10 second text screen.



By status windows I meant press ‘i’ while Xibo for Windows has focus / press ‘Status’ from the action bar if you’re using Android player.

Regarding XMR errors, is it docker installation and is the XMR public address configured correctly?
If it is, then to resolve that please:
Navigate to Displays Page -> Edit Display -> Advanced tab -> Reconfigure XMR & Save the form.

If it’s not, then you will need to configure XMR address first.

You can also check schedule.xml and config.xml files in the player local library to make sure that it looks fine.

It is a Docker install on uBuntu server 16:04.

I have configured the XMR public address on the server and done the reconfigure

Still getting “XMR is dead”, and now also “Could find requiredfiles.xml”

Windows Firewall is off for testing and there is no antivirus/Defender running.

Have also verified that public XMR of tcp:// is reachable via telnet from the client PCs.

So i gave up on that PC and tried another one and it worked first time - something must be out of whack on the first one. Thanks.


The one other thing to consider is your download window, it’s currently open for 15 mintues, I’m not sure if that’s what your goal was there?

In most cases it should be left to the default 00:00 and 00:00, which means always open

Ok that could be it, don’t remember why I changed it. Seems to be working much better now.



I have a similar situation
My server is not running on Docker, also XMR is configured correctly.
Some of my screens get updates within 30 seconds
and some never until the XIBO client is restarted.
Same layout and same content diffused however some screens are okay the rest is not.
I even did reinstall windows and disabled firewall on the computer yet no luck.
Please help diagnose the issue and solve it once for all.
I did reconfigure XMR for each display in trouble nothing seems to help.

All machines are running windows 10 latest configurations. Basic install.
Do I need to verify or install .Net 3.5 or 4.xx ? is there any package in addition to xibo client?
By the way my Xibo is 1.8.3 server and my client is 1.8.3 also some clients are on 1.8.9 and working.
In the logs, I see something common between the screens in trouble.
47109 71b5862 2018-04-19 19:38 XMDS POST ERROR Fuj-9533672-1 GetResource Cannot get display profile

Same issue for me, Xibo’s behavior is not consistent across our displays, some are updating right away and some are not until we manually restart the machine or Xibo’s process. :frowning:

I’m having the same issues. Did you ever get this resolved?

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