Windows Client not Updating changed Dataset

Hey there,

i got a xibo client installed on several windows 10 pc’s.
there is a region which contains many many items. every second item is the dataset.

if i update the dataset, the windows player does not change anything until the region has looped all the items.
when a new run of the region beginns, its up to date.

the updateinterval is set to 1 minute

any suggestions?

So with short collection interval and update interval on the dataset itself it should update the dataset on the player after region with that dataset refresh.
Alternatively if your region with dataset has only that dataset and no other items then it will update after layout refresh.

It seems to be the case 1 here, you will probably want to re-organise your items on your layout.

it is one region → Aufgabenliste is the DataSet

This is the order:

DataSet Aufgabenliste 10sec
Ticker News 45 Sec
DataSet Aufgabenliste 15sec (should have been updated once because the update interval is set to one minute)
Text 30sec
DataSet Aufgabenliste

and so on…
The dataset only updates when the region is restarting.
is there a chance to update the dataset between the items?