Windows client doesn't load the scheduled layout


I’m working on Linux. So I installed a XIBO client on a Windows 7 Ie11 VirtualBox machine. Microsoft is distributing their own Virtual machine through their site. This virtual machine is showing the default layout but no the scheduled. I tried the scheduled layout as default layout and it’s working. The Xido CMS is showing the virtual device connected and it has installed on a different server.

What should I check ? Where could I found some log showing everything is working well or not

Thank for your support.

Status screen on the player can be helpful.
press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo for Windows has focus.

In CMS you can find recent logs for your player on Displays page, or navigate to the Logs page, select filter to show only logs from your display.

You might need to enable auditing (edit display -> advanced tab) for that display so it can send more logs.