Windows Client 1.7.3 crashing the CMS server

Xibo CMS 1.7.3
Windows Client 1.7.3

  1. Register to CMS, plays fine
  2. Uninstall and delete all traces of Xibo on the Client computer. (reformatted)
    3 . Delete the Display from CMS.
  3. Re-register the Display to CMS, “display is awaiting approval”, accept the display in the CMS
    5 . Press Save(The underlying connection was closed) OR start the Client normally on the windows computer, crashes the server, logs are empty in CMS.
  4. Try to Delete Display from CMS, change Display ID in the Xibo Player Options, same effect, crashes the server.

Unfortunately the server is hosted externally, we do not have “proper” access to the server itself, we can only upload files.


I’d say that it sounds like some sort of intrusion detection system on the server that is false-positive for Xibo.
Sadly it’s hard for us to be sure at the moment, since it’s not our hosting we can’t check it.
Could you provide us with more logs? That might help, but ideally we’d need to see the web server logs.
I know that this kind of information might be hard to obtain for you, but without it we can’t provide you help that we’d like to.


This was really bugging us, sorry for taking such a long time to get back to you,
This was a deep network issue which then led us to the culprit which was the 3rd party company DNS servers, we kinda helped them to debug this and it’s finally resolved, sorry for the false alarm…


Well I am happy that it is resolved now, let’s hope it will stay that way.