Windows 10 Enterprise Player Shows Blank Web Regions

I have a really strange issue where tickers, text, youtube videos, etc don’t work unless I embed a web page like If I preview the page with or without the random embedded page I see everything but in the player (Windows machine) I only see the content when the random embedded page is present. In the player’s information panel everything is loaded 100%. Any idea what might be causing this behavior?

Thank you

I’ve updated the title of this thread to better represent the true issue.

That seems rather odd, what CMS and player version are you using please?

Do you see any errors in the player status window when the issue occurs?

CMS = 1.8.9
Player = 2 R200

There are no errors as far as I can tell. I’m not sure why but I’m not having the issue now…now if I could just get custom fonts to work properly. :slight_smile:

Ok so the issue is happening but only on our Windows 10 enterprise edition machine. When I right click and view source on my embedded web pages (another internal machine) I can see the source but the actual page doesn’t get displayed (tickers also aren’t working). Are there any setting in Internet Explorer that could be causing this behavior? I’ve gone as far as disabling all add-ons within IE on the offending machine but still no luck. The player works great on my personal Windows 7 machine…

We usually recommend to use CMS and players in the same series (ie 1.8 CMS with 1.8 player etc), however v2 player should work correctly with 1.8 CMS in the compatibility mode.

With that being said, it might be good to upgrade the CMS to 1.8.13 and use 1.8.12 Windows player (there was no 1.8.13 windows player release) and see if it still occurs.

I don’t think there are any IE specific changes that needs to be made for general usage the default settings should be fine.

On the machine with problems, could you please ensure that the player is running, look in the player local library for the .htm file with the content that is not playing, then open IE and navigate to

The 9696 is the default embedded web server port
the {id} should be replaced by the name of your .htm file ie say if the htm you want to see is called 45.htm, then you’d put

Once that’s on, do you see the content there? If not, could you open IE dev tools, refresh the page and see if any errors are logged?

Regarding Custom Fonts, assuming they are embeddable you can upload them to the CMS, however not all custom fonts will be correctly installed on Windows - therefore the windows player might not display all custom fonts.

In my page I’m grabbing the width of the iframe you all create to resize text dynamically and I do get some cross domain errors when viewing the library version of the page but when I make a test page that has my own iframe with the same link embedded I can view it just fine. The strange thing is that the player works fine on my local machine running IE 11.0. so I don’t think my page’s logic is the problem. The machine that’s having the issue is running IE 11.2670 and since all the machines including the server for the CMS are on the same LAN and my PC’s player is fine I can’t help but thing the player isn’t playing nice with that version of IE. Have you all tested the player with this version of IE?

The Windows 10 Enterprise machine having the problem doesn’t have Edge installed, is there anything you all adjust in the registry that could be looking for Edge? I thought I ran across something that mentioned that in the newest player version you all modify a reg key for that.

I also should add that even the Xibo clock widget doesn’t display on the Windows 10 machine.

This can be closed with root cause being goofy corporate Windows permissions. Thank you to all who commented. I don’t think it’s necessarily related to all scenarios but I did check “Allow active content to run on My Computer” on one of the machines to get around an issue with IE 11 blocking content. If anyone from the Xibo team can elaborate on what permissions the player needs to run properly it would help us to tweak our permissions instead of just making admin accounts on our servers to run the player.