Will Xibo read RSS from a local drive / network?

Is it possible for Xibo’s RSS reader to read an rss.xml file from a local drive / network instead of an http:// source? I referred the below URLs, but I couldn’t identify the issue. I also downloaded .xml the file from 2nd URL & pasted link in FeedURL section of “Ticker”, but no use. Please let me know, whether the xml file has to be shared in SMB at server hosting CMS or client displaying content. I am using CMS version 1.7.3 installed in Windows2012 R2 OS. And client having Windows8.1 OS.



Also, I dont want to use webserver, since I am not familiar with coding.

In 1.7 series, the CMS reads the feed not the Players. The links you provided are to topics relating to older versions in which the Players picked up the feeds directly.

So to get this working, your easiest bet would be to put your rss.xml file somewhere inside your Xibo CMS installation directory (eg whereever xmds.php is located) and then refer to it over http


Failing that file:// may work but it needs to be the location of the file as the CMS would see it.

Thanks Alex that did the trick, I placed the .xml file in the installation directory & it works a charm.

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